Experience with Ayahuasca

Sessions and seminars of healing with Ayahuasca, the ancestral plant. Located in Pisac, very close to Melissa Wasi, at Ayahuasca-Wasi where you will have the option to participate in a week long retreat or a one night session, held every Friday night. Contact Diego or Milagros at (084)797575.

Blue Llama Cafe

Blue Llama is a delicious restaurant featuring Peruvian and International fare, the best coffee and breakfast in town, and an array of mouthwatering desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth. It is located in the plaza of Pisac. Don’t miss the photo gallery highlighting the history and travels of the BLUE LLAMA. An ATM machine is located in the lobby for your convenience. Call ahead for group reservations (084)203135.

Hiking, Excursions, Adventure

Munaycha is a travel agency with varied excursions of all types tailored to the tourist. Here you will find various programs, bicycle, boating, kayaking, hiking, visiting ruins, traditional tours, etc.. The contact with the expert Duilio Vellutino.

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